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Defense, Naturally.



CBD is challenging traditional medicine. The revolution is catching on and yet we are still not allowed to say all it could do for your health but the truth is hard hide. It may be difficult to sift through the staggering amount of CBD companies, the claims they are making and separate the fact from fiction - but we will make it easy for you. We stand behind our product and guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied.  So join the revolution and be well!

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I can tell you Canine Body Defense is the best. If you are considering using CBD Oil for your dog then this is the brand I recommend.

Lorraine J. Smith CDT Heel 2 Heal Dog Training & Massage

I am using Complete Body Defense for anxiety and depression. I can say my mood has definitely improved.


Canine Body Defense has been life changing for my 14 year old dog suffering panic attacks and anxiety. We will be a lifelong customer!!!!


...This product however takes the edge off when I get a migraine and allows me to continue to function!


It’s amazing how much this has already improved his quality of life! I just wanted to thank you, this has truly been a blessing. 


Meet Felon, World Champion (& the Dog on the Bottle)

This is what his owner, renowned dog trainer Alexandra de Foucault  has to say about our product, "I’m a firm believer in the Canine Body Defense CBD product! Felon competes in a variety of venues and disciplines and is a real jack of all trades. He’s hard on his body and CBD helps keep him at his best. It’s part of our daily supplement line up for overall health, and also plays an important role in our pre and post trial routine. I highly recommend it not only for existing issues or pain, but for maintenance and prevention."